Couple Hits Turbulence While Trying to Redeem Vouchers

One family said they almost lost hundreds of dollars worth of airline vouchers they got from American Airlines.

A maintenance issue with American Airlines caused the Gagain’s family trip to Hawaii to be delayed six hours later than scheduled.

“We lost a day in Hawaii and not everybody gets to go to Hawaii,” Kelly Gagain said.

To make up for the inconvenience, American Airlines issued Russ and Kelly Gagain four electronic vouchers worth $100 each.

Before the vouchers expired in January, Kelly Gagain decided to use them to join her husband on an upcoming business trip to Florida. Russ Gagain booked the flight online at the end of December entering each voucher individually before checking out.

Kelly Gagain received e-mail confirmation of the trip, but she didn’t look at the total. It wasn’t until their credit card bill arrived that the Gagains noticed they were charged the full $490 for the tickets and the vouchers hadn’t been applied.

Kelly Gagain said her husband contacted American Airlines three times to get the issue straightened out and each time he received the same answer.

"They said that the e-vouchers have expired and that there was nothing that they could do," Kelly Gagain said.

American Airlines let Gagain cancel the trip, waived the change fee and applied 2,000 airline miles to Kelly Gagain’s account.

But she didn't want to lose those $400 in vouchers.

NBC Connecticut Responds explained the situation to American Airlines and asked if there was anything they do could for the Gagains.

Kelly Gagain said the next day American Airlines called and offered her $400 worth of vouchers.

“We apologize to the Gagain family for what transpired during their recent booking with American Airlines. We have reached out to the family, provided new vouchers, along with a gesture of goodwill, for future use on American,” an American Airlines spokesperson told NBC Connecticut Responds.

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