Couple Trying to Get Married Goes to Jail

Two men say Texas law banning same-sex marriage is unfair

A Dallas couple was arrested Thursday after they tried to get a marriage license.

Mark Jiminez and Beau Chandler were quickly turned down when they tried applying for a marriage license at the Dallas County Clerk's Office.

Instead of exchanging vows, the two vowed to sit inside the county clerk's office.

"We don't think that's fair so we're going to sit here until they give us a marriage license," Jimenez said right after they were turned down.

He and Chandler then handcuffed themselves to each other and sat on the floor.

"By them denying us our marriage, we're not created equal, we're not being treat equal -- even though we've worked our whole lives, pay taxes our whole lives," Jiminez said.

The group GetEQUAL TX posted bail for Jiminez and Chandler.

Texas voters approved a same-sex marriage ban in 2005. Only six states and the District of Columbia allow sex-marriage. Three other states have passed bills this year, but two face referendums in the fall and a state governor vetoed another state's bill.

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