Couple Cross the Atlantic to See Cowboys on Thanksgiving

Matt McQueen might be married to the best woman in the world.

His wife, Lucy, was trying to determine where to go for their honeymoon and came up with an idea that Matt will spend the rest of his life trying to beat.

"He wanted to do a Thanksgiving game, so I came home and I was like 'What if we go in November for Thanksgiving?'" Lucy said. "He was like 'Yeah, let's book it now.'"

Matt couldn't believe it.

"I was making sure she wasn't drunk. I wanted it in writing," he said. 

The British couple has spent the last week traveling the southern coast of the United States.

The Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins is their final stop.

"We met a guy in New Orleans and when he found out where we were from he said, 'they're not just America's team, they're the world's team,'" Lucy said.

Lucy is still learning to love the sport, but she's head over heels for tailgating, a tradition that hasn't spread across the Atlantic Ocean yet.

"Everyone's a family here, everyone's on the same page, even the rival [fans]. You would never get on the bus with rival fans at a soccer game. Never, they'd kill each other," the pair said.

For Matt, a longtime Cowboys fan, Thursday was a dream come true. He got to meet and take pictures with Cowboys legends Drew Pearson and Ed "too tall" Jones.

Pearson even let him try on his Super Bowl ring.

"It's better than a wedding ring," Matt said, drawing a sarcastic chuckle from Lucy.

Once the pregame festivities were done the couple headed to AT&T Stadium for their first game as Mr. and Mrs. McQueen.

Thursday's win was the perfect end to an unforgettable honeymoon.

"She's been a good luck charm," Matt said. "We've never seen them lose."

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