Cost of Thanksgiving Meal Drops: Texas Farm Bureau

The Texas Farm Bureau says this year's Thanksgiving meal will cost less.

The organization priced 10 items and all of them had dropped in price from last year. Here in North Texas, NBC 5 found prices even less than the Texas average.

We went shopping with Pam Clements, of Keller, who is expecting six people this Thanksgiving. She figured she'd pay about $125 on the holiday meal, not including last minute trips to the store.

"I will always send my husband to go get a couple extra things that we've forgotten," Clements said.

We checked circulars from several stores in North Texas to find the best deals.

The Texas Farm Bureau said the average price most people pay for a turkey is about $1.22 per pound. In North Texas, a good price for a frozen turkey is $0.60 per pound, depending on the brand. Albertsons had them for less than $0.39 per pound with a coupon.

The average cost for stuffing is $2.52, but Fiesta had boxes of Stove Top Stuffing for less than $1. Cranberry sauce will run about $1.50 per can, although Kroger is carrying it for a $1.

Green beans are about $1 per pound. Sweet potatoes varied the most, anywhere from $.25 to $.79 cents per pound. That's still lower than the state average of about $.93 cents a pound.

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Pie shells run about $2. Freshly baked pies were priced as low as $3.99. The Texas average price for whipping cream is $1.65, but we found Cool Whip for about $1 across the board.

For Clements, dessert is one place where they stock up.

"We make a joke that we usually have one dessert per person," she said. "For some reason, that's how it turns out."

All the stores we checked had good deals on at least a couple of items. The prices we compared were from circulars good Nov. 18-26. In some cases, we called stores if an item wasn't featured on the circular.

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