Cost of Groceries Could Increase

The everyday items you pick up at the grocery could soon cost more.

The price of commodities such as wheat and corn have increased by 34 percent over last year. Some analysts say that cost could eventually be passed along to shoppers.

Products such as meat, butter, milk and bread also could see a price increase, but some local grocers, such as Kroger, beg to differ.

"In the short term," said Gary Huddleston with Kroger.  "We don't see prices increasing because most of those commodities that corn and wheat are used in are very, very competitive products like bread and milk," Kroger spokesman Gary Huddleston said.

Shoppers said they hope Huddleston is right.

"I feel like my income is not enough to cover all of the increasing expenses that I'm paying for right now, so I wouldn't want it to go higher," Irving resident Daisy Wyatt said.

She said price hikes would mean learning to budget even further.

The cost of cereal and baking goods could increase as well. Companies such as General Mills and Kraft are flirting with the idea of raising prices, and even McDonald's is considering a price increase.

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