Corsicana ISD Pulls Hoodies, Hooded Apparel in School Safety Dress Code Change

The School district says eliminating hoodies and hooded apparel will enhance school safety

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During a special meeting on Monday, the Corsicana Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to make changes to the Standardized Dress Code eliminating hoods and leggings while relaxing rules around socks and belts.

One of the main modifications included the elimination of hoodies and hooded apparel in an effort to enhance school safety, the district said, though they didn't elaborate on the reasoning.

The changes to the dress code are below:

  • The elimination of hoods -- That includes hoodies and any apparel with hoods. Sweatshirts and sweaters with crew necks, V-necks and/or collars are allowed;
  • Tiger spirit shirts -- Spirit shirts can be worn daily in approved standardized dress code colors, as can collared shirts in approved standardized dress code colors. Those colors include solid colors of blue (light, royal or navy), yellow (light and gold), white, black, or gray;
  • Shirts -- Tucking your shirt in is not mandatory;
  • Belts -- Belts are not required;
  • Socks -- Socks will no longer be governed;
  • Leggings -- Leggings, yoga pants, tights, etc. are not allowed. Prohibited materials include lycra, spandex, poly/spandex and any other material that typically stretches as worn in athleisure wear, and
  • Shirts under clothes -- Any shirts that are worn under sweatshirts and sweaters must meet dress code guidelines, or the sweatshirt must remain on all day. Undershirts not in the solid colors of blue (light, royal or navy), yellow (light and gold), white, black or gray must be covered.

The official language of the changes to the Standardized Dress Code and Student Handbook will be finalized soon and can be found by clicking here. A panel will create protocol and guidelines for discipline, follow-up, and consistency for campus administrators.

CISD wraparound services offer support and connect students and their families with community resources that address non-academic challenges. If a student needs assistance please contact the school counselor, or submit a student assistance form online.

Last week Forney ISD announced changes to their dress code which also included removing hoodies but also dresses, skirts and skorts for anyone beyond the 4th grade. The change in Forney sparked outrage from some students and parents.

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