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Sisters Give Back to Preschool Through High School Teaching Program

Two high schoolers are helping in a pre-K classroom to get experience in their journey to become teachers

High schooler Carolina Arias starts her school day at the Lillle Jackson Early Childhood Center. She and her classmates are working as teacher aides in pre-K.

"It’s not all just fun and games, its teaching," Arias said.

High schoolers in the Lewisville Independent School District interested in education get the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the classroom.

Arias followed the footsteps of with her big sister, Ariana. Both girls wanted to teach because it was their mom’s goal in life — a goal she never fulfilled.

"I want to follow her dreams for her; follow her footsteps," Ariana said. "I want to do what she didn't."

If that’s not enough to tug at your heart strings, the sisters are not just helping teach at Lille Jackson. They were both students there about 12 years ago.

The girls learned English as a second language and remember classes at Lillie Jackson being a huge part of their success.

"They really helped me with my English, and I’m better at it now," said Carolina.

Their education teacher says the program really serves double duty: more hands in a hectic pre-K class, and more hands-on experience to guide these college-bound students.

"I’d rather them know, 'yes this is what I want to do,' rather than get all the way through, get to teaching and say, 'no this isn’t for me.'" said teacher Vanessa Streitz. "I’d rather do something different."

The girls aren’t committing just yet but plan to come back to Lillie Jackson next year to keep giving back and figure out how to keep growing.

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