Cops: Use Common Sense to Avoid Break-Ins

Haltom City police say common sense is all that's needed to prevent many home break-ins.

Police said all five police districts in Haltom City have seen a bump in home burglaries in the last month.

"Generally, our burglaries increase during the summertime, but it seems they've increased a little more this summer," Sgt. Eric Peters said.

Police say residents should close their garage doors and lock their doors -- even if they are home. Closing the blinds can also keep crooks from casing the home.

"Try and keep your valuables off the tables around the windows," Peters said. "That way, they don't break the windows and take the valuables from your house."

Police said the burglaries are occurring in the morning when people are leaving for work and in the early evening once they're home.

Truc Nguyen said his cars have been broken into numerous times and tools have been pilfered from his garage.

Peters said the thieves are taking electronics, too.

"They're taking flat-screen TVs, laptops -- basically , it's opportunity-type objects," he said.

Nguyen has installed motion detection lights at his house and cameras to scare thieves away. So far, it has worked.

"From the day I put the camera in, my house has been very safe," he said. "No more breaking into my car and no more getting into my house."

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