Cops Recover Goods From Some Car Burglaries

McKinney police said they recovered roughly $20,000 worth of goods that were stolen from unlocked vehicles in a monthlong crime spree.

After more than 140 car burglaries were reported in 30 days, investigators began to track down the stolen goods online and on the street.

"You're going to see iPods, you're going to be able to see handheld gaming devices, GPS systems and -- alarming as well -- stolen firearms," Lt. Scott Brewer said.

One of the stolen guns, a .38 caliber handgun recently swiped from a car in McKinney, was also reported stolen in 2007 in Miami. Police also recovered a firearm that was stolen from the vehicle of a Dallas police officer who lives in McKinney.

Police have arrested five men who allegedly had stolen property. Some of the men even reportedly tried to resell stolen items to undercover officers.

But police said the arrests only make up a small portion of the people burglarizing vehicles.

Police said the burglaries are primarily "crimes of opportunity" and are urging residents to lock their car doors, take their keys and hide their valuables.

"It's a real important time for citizens to reflect upon themselves what they can do not to become a victim,” Brewer said.

Police are also reminding people not purchase deals online or on the street that are "too good to be true." Such deals are often stolen goods, police said.

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