Coppell Firefighters Give 6-Year-Old Girl Birthday Surprise

A first grader in Coppell had something good happen at school the other day.

It was her birthday, and the escort she got to Wilson Elementary School made it a day to remember.

When a fire truck rolls up to a school, the first thought may be, "What's wrong?"

But on this day, nothing was wrong.

Everything was right and going as planned for Olivia Gamboa.

It was the little girl's 6th birthday, and her mom Denise Devora was cashing in on her big win at a rafflle at the St. Ann Catholic Church Fall Festival.

The Coppell Fire Department had agreed to give the lucky winner a ride to school.

So, firefighters showed up at Olivia's house, "She was shocked and for the first time ever speechless! We didn't tell her as we wanted it to be a surprise and it was. They rang the doorbell and she came running and said mommy the police are here," Devora told NBC5.

Mom knew it was firefighters and told her daughter to open the door.

Devora says eventually, Olivia warmed up and got back to her chatty self.

"They spoke to her via the headset and asked her favorite movie, she answered Chicago Fire (brilliant answer). She was intrigued by it all and excited that her friends would see her when she got off at Wilson Elementary here in Coppell," Devora said. "It was nice for her to see that first responders are not scary they are normal people like us with very special jobs."

So could this be the beginning of a future career as a firefigther for Olivia?

"She said yes so that she can drive the truck really fast and save people," her mom said.

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