Cop, Dispatchers Accused of Egging House Fired

A Carrollton police officer is one of four department employees fired for being involved in a house egging, the police department said.

The terminations follow an investigation that began May 9, when a Carrollton resident called police to report criminal mischief. 

“The resident woke up that morning and found that the house had been egged,” Sgt. John Singleton told the Star Telegram.

Police said the resident is not a city employee, but didn't release any other information about the incident or why it happened.

An investigation revealed Officer Jennifer Cackler, a two-year veteran of the department, and dispatchers Laura Anderson, Ashley Cackler, and Laken Schifelbein as suspects, police said.

A fifth suspect is a resident of the city, but not employed by the city. 

"When made aware that our employees were involved in criminal conduct, the police department immediately initiated an internal affairs investigation, and as was appropriate, notified criminal investigators as to the fact that suspects in the criminal mischief were employees," said Police Chief David N. James.

Four of the individuals were cited for the offense, which is a Class C offense under the Texas Penal Code on the level of a traffic violation, police said.

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