Fort Worth

Cook Children's: One ER Admission Every 2.5 Minutes

Hospital remains under a 'Facility Alert' one week after a crush of seasonal illness sufferers starting inundating the emergency department.

Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth remains under a Facility Alert because of an increased number of patients being admitted within the last week, many of whom are suffering from seasonal illnesses.

A Facility Alert indicates that the number of admissions at the hospital is putting a stress on the bed capacity at the hospital

Between Nov. 17 and Nov. 23, the emergency department treated 210 cases of Influenza A and B, in addition to 209 cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in its medical center in Fort Worth’s medical district.

On one day alone – Monday, Nov. 18 – the emergency staff saw 567 patients, which is a rate of nearly 24 new patients every hour or, broken down even further, one kid every 2.5 minutes. That number is nearly double what the staff would typically see in the emergency department on an average day.

The rush of patients has made for extended wait times in the ER at Cook Children’s, upwards of two hours at several points in that one day, according to a news release.

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