Convicted Killer Set for Execution

Yokamon Hearn is scheduled to be executed Wednesday

Condemned prisoner Yokamon Hearn has appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court to try to keep him from the Texas death chamber for a fatal carjacking 14 years ago in Dallas.

The 33-year-old Hearn is facing lethal injection for the March 1998 slaying of Frank Meziere. The 23-year-old stockbroker was abducted while cleaning his car at a self-service car wash, taken to an industrial area of Dallas and shot 10 times in the head.

Hearn's execution Wednesday evening in Huntsville would be the first in Texas to employ a lethal dose of the sedative pentobarbital as the lone drug. Texas prison officials last week announced they were modifying the three-drug procedure used since 1982.

Courts have upheld the method in other states and Hearn's appeals don't address the drug change.

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