Convention of Street Preachers Takes Sidewalk Sermons to UNT

About 200 students gathered on a on sidewalk in the middle of the University of North Texas campus to counter messages brought by the National Conference of Street Preachers, who for a second day in a row, brought their sidewalk sermons to UNT.

"We are down here today because we have a passion for young people," said one preacher through his megaphone. "We want you to be saved."

Some of the preachers' signs referred to sin, others had more provocative messages about homosexuality, abortion, and sex.

"We have some that are provoking to the common culture, but I would still say that they're true," said a preacher from Kentucky.

"I go to church every Sunday, dawg," yelled UNT sophomore Zaria Allison. "This is not church. This is not God!"

"They're spewing hate and we're not going to listen to it," said Haley Youngblood as she held a 'love is love' sign. "This isn't what UNT stands for at all."

This was the second year the street preachers came to UNT. While most of the demonstration was loud and talking over one another, a few students and preachers stopped to have conversations.

"I really respect and honor their 1st Amendment right to come out here and say what they want to say," said Noah Milam. "I question the method they've chosen."

UNT released a statement that read, in part, "We are a community that not only stands for, but welcomes inclusivity and acceptance and we believe our greatest strengths lie in our diversity as a community."

The National Conference of Street Preachers plans to preach on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas on Saturday, according to their website.

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