McKinney ISD Finds “Convenient” Partner

5 percent of store purchases at McKinney RaceTrac stores go to district

The McKinney Independent School District is teaming up with a major convenience store chain to raise money.

At six McKinney-area RaceTrac stores, customers can direct 5 percent of their purchase cost to the school district. Gasoline and diesel fuel are not included.

Customers must say, “I support McKinney ISD” -- or something similar at the register.

“All the money that is raised through this program will go to benefit student programs -- math, science and fine arts,” said Danny Ledbetter, McKinney ISD grant writer.

After facing millions in budget cuts this school year, the district is looking for new ways to fund programs. The district said it realized it had to either cut programs or find another revenue stream.

“We lost $7 million this year, and we expect to lose another $7 million next year,” Ledbetter said.

Customers and McKinney ISD parents say the idea seems logical. Lester Craft said the idea makes perfect sense because he has a child in the district.

The public-private partnership was born after brainstorming between McKinney’s Partners in Education and the regional RaceTrac office.

“There is some potential to give a lot back to the school district,” said Leigh Gable, RaceTrac community marketing manager.

Gable said the community is catching onto the idea.

“We see people are going in and making those purchases, and the money is already starting to come back,” she said.

Ledbetter said the district would appreciate any extra revenue that comes its way, but also hopes it can bring in a five-figure amount.

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