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Controversy Over Plans to Annex Land around Racetrack in Collin County

A fight between two towns is shaping up in Collin County.

City leaders in Anna want to annex 466 acres in the county and next-door Westminster, but some of the people who live in Westminster accuse Anna of making a grab for their tax dollars.

It started with the construction of a high-end race track in Westminster.

Three weeks ago, and a year into construction, the owner Lou Gigliotti said he found out the city of Anna wants to annex the property and hundreds of acres around it.

Tuesday, Gigliotti and supporters confronted Anna's city council in a public council meeting over the plans to annex.

LG Motorsports Park would be a private race park, including a three-mile track, pools, tennis courts and garages for exotic cars.

Annexing the property would mean Gigliotti and surrounding homeowners would have to follow city zoning laws and pay more taxes, they say, with little to no services in return.

Supporters of the track said the city is attempting a land grab. Opponents said noise is a major concern.

"It's going to be in a contained area, and they're going to be going round and round and round for hours," said neighbor Rob Stone.

"The word forced annexation says it all. Any time you force – a city government, state government, federal government – any time they force the citizen to do something there's something wrong with that," Gigliotti said.

The area the city of Anna wants to annex is 466 acres, so many homeowners would also be impacted.

Anna Mayor Mike Crist told NBC 5 it's in the city's best interest to annex the land now before the area around the racetrack is developed.

The issue will be discussed at another city council meeting before it goes before a vote on May 16.

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