Allie Spillyards

Continued Colleyville Construction Brings Fatigue for Business Owners

There's growing fatigue in Colleyville where some businesses say they're tired of fighting to keep their doors open three years into road construction.

Red Barn BBQ says difficulties from the project along Highway 26 has made it difficult for customers to get in and out of their parking lot. And they say those challenges hit an all-time high a couple of weeks ago, when a paver parked in front of their building, completely eclipsing it.

"You couldn't even see us from the road. I mean it just, just… it swallowed us up," said Red Barn BBQ employee Gary McGinnis.

Eventually, it was moved, which is one of the many signs of progress assistant city manager Adrienne Lothery says proves there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Though the project is managed by TXDOT and out of the city's hands, Colleyville has invested nearly $200,000 into stimulus projects to help impacted businesses keep the doors open.

"That's ranged from everything from advertising grants, a receipt race partnership with the school district to get people shopping in Colleyville businesses, and Colleyville Gives," said Adrienne Lothery.

Now, she says those grants will focus on helping property owners freshen up for TXDOT's anticipated project deadline of spring 2020.

"I think the corridor we're standing on here is going to be such a transformative experience for the community," said Lothery.

Meanwhile Red Barn says business is down more than $300,000 since the project began, and they're hopeful loyal customers will see them through to next spring's finish line.

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