Contempt of Court, Contempt for Dallas: Judge Hits Shingle Mountain's Makers With Hefty Fine

A judge ruled Friday that the makers of Shingle Mountain are guilty of contempt of court after failing to remove the monstrosity they planted in southeast Dallas almost two years ago.

For their crime of disobeying the court’s order to remove this toxic eyesore, Blue Star Recycling’s executives will be fined $1,000 a day until that awful thing they planted — behind two families’ longtime homes, alongside a Trinity River tributary, between two highways — disappears completely.

Under ordinary circumstances, this would be extraordinary news. A sigh of relief. The about time for which Marsha Jackson and her neighbors have been praying since Blue Star, of Collin County, dumped a 211,000-cubic-yard ridge of raw shingles behind their homes almost two year ago.

You can read the full story from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News by clicking here.

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