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Consumers File Police Report Against Local Contractor

Bill Betzen is the owner of not one, but two dogs.

As much as he enjoys walking them, He said it would be nice for them to run around and play on their own.

"We never have a fenced backyard. We now have dogs. You need a fenced backyard," he said.

He went online and found CCI Fencing and Construction.

He said the owner, Shawn Partain, offered him a deal, but said he'd have to pay $3,250 up front.

"They were going to start Thursday. It would take them two days. What they didn't finish Thursday they would finish Friday," he explained.

When they got started, Betzen said there were two problems: The holes the crew dug weren't deep enough and the posts were too close to the sidewalk.

He said Partain promised to get it fixed.

"They never showed up again. They told me at least 10 times they were going to show up within the hour or the next morning. They never showed up," Betzen said.

Little did he know, Partain has been the subject of several NBC 5 Responds investigations.

He once operated under the name Condor Fencing.

We've sat down with six other consumers across North Texas who said Partain took thousands of dollars, but did not complete their jobs.

After NBC 5 Responds got involved, Partain refunded some of his customers.

But others like Linda Summers, said they have been waiting for more than a year.

"He doesn't care about anyone else," she said.

Earlier this year, Partain said his business went south because consumers backed out of their contracts.

Partain said he was trying to get everything corrected, but it wouldn't happen overnight.

Partain confirmed that he recently got a new name, and is now working under CCI Fencing and Construction. 

He said he'd take care of Betzen and Summers' refunds, but couldn't give an exact time frame.

Betzen said he wouldn't hold his breath.

"He has stolen from people. Fraud, scamming ripoff all of those. The man is doing something dishonest," Betzen said.

Both Betzen and Summers said they have filed police reports with the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas police confirmed they were looking into the matter and encouraged other customers who felt they were ripped off to come forward.

"If the contractor accepted money and completed some of the work, the issue would be civil," Dallas police said. "If the contractor accepted money and did not do any construction work the issue would be criminal."

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