Consumer Reports: Don't Buy This Bike Helmet

This Pro-Tec City Lite helmet failed a routine bike helmet safety test inside Consumer Reports’ labs.

The chin straps and buckle that should keep the helmet securely on your head in the event of an accident failed to function properly in three out of the four helmets tested.

In one case, the buckle broke. In two others, a strap broke loose from the body of the helmet simulating what might happen during an accident.

“This type of failure can be a problem because the helmet can come off your head or it could move out of position during an accident," Consumer Reports' John Galeotafiore said. "If the helmet is not in the right place, it’s no longer going to offer the right protection."

Pro-Tec plans to recall the City Lite helmet and tells Consumer Reports it will work with federal regulators on an appropriate remedy.

In the meantime, since the helmet is still available for sale for a short time, Consumer Reports urges consumers not to buy it.

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