Consumer Group Warns of Doll’s Internet Connectivity Risks

A consumer group has come out with a warning about a popular new doll that experts say could be used to spy on your children.

Other countries have even banned the toy, called "My Friend Cayla."

The doll is connected to the internet, but some of the technology has made it easier for hackers to get inside your home.

The U.S. Public Interest Group lists dangerous toys every year — things with too much lead, or that are choking hazards. Cayla was the first toy the group added which collects data and could put you at risk.

Cayla has already been banned by the German government out of fear of how it can used to spy on you, and now consumer advocates are warning parents of what Cayla is truly capable of doing.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Cayla's manufacturer for a comment but did not hear back from them just yet. Cayla isn't the only item with warnings — there's many more, from fidgets spinners to balloons.

MORE: There's a full list of products on the group's list online here.

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