Diana Zoga

Construction Feels Never Ending for Some in Collin County

A short stretch of Stacy Road, east of Highway 75, has been dotted by construction cones for more than two years and area drivers are asking if there’s an end in sight.

The expansion of Stacy Road from North Greenville Avenue to the east began in 2016 with a completion date set for Spring of 2018. But the work slowed when crews discovered utility lines that should have been moved, were still in the way.

A TxDOT spokesperson said, “Construction has been delayed by utilities, specifically two large gas lines and some other waterlines. We have had to wait as the gas company located their line, which was buried in solid rock. This has taken some time, because they have had to be extremely careful while locating the line.”

TxDOT said work hasn’t stopped completely, “We have kept our contractor as busy as possible doing sidewalk work and various other turn lanes.”

Businesses along this stretch of Stacy Road said they’ve had to adjust to the construction zone. Some business entrances become blocked in heavy traffic or are moved to make way for the work.

“We’ve adjusted our schedules a little bit where we give our patients a few extra minutes to get to their appointments,” said Dr. Yoon Kim of Fairview Dentistry. 

She said patients have been understanding and the work is needed to expand the road, she just hopes crews can move quickly to finish the job.

“It’ll be great once it’s done, but we just hope it’s done soon,” she said.

James Chancellor, engineer for the City of Fairview, said most of the work on the Fairview side of Stacy Road is complete. The north end of the street has new sidewalks and traffic lanes. The south side of the road in Allen remains dug up until underground utilities are located. He said TxDOT may have to work on a redesign to get around the utilities or ensure they’re moved.

“It’s a maze underground,” he explained.

At the nearby Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club, General Manager Tony Trevino has been keeping tabs on construction for customers and residents, anxious to see completion of additional lanes on Stacy Road.

“It was a needed change and it’s just taken a little longer than probably it should have,” said Trevino. “I don’t think anybody is trying to drag their feet on any of this, they just have to get it done and get it done properly, so that they don’t hopefully have to dig it up in a year to fix anything.”

TxDOT says it hopes to have most of the work complete by fall of 2018.

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