Constables Patrol and Capture Along the Border

On a hot summer day in July, the border between Texas and Mexico is as dangerous as ever. Still, it's heavily trafficked by illegal migrants.

Nearly 1,000 migrants who have made the illegal journey, are captured every week in a Hidalgo County park.

Constable Sgt. Danny Broyles has made the apprehensions himself.

An NBC 5 crew rode with him one night as he pulled over at the side of a road and saw a group of young women with children. Upon talking to them, he discovers it's one young woman's birthday.

She tells him she doesn't even know what day it is or what time. Her objective was to make it to this country. The children with her could be her own or relatives.

Now, she'll be spending the rest of the day and others to come inside a processing station along the border. She'll be given a detention hearing date, and her family will most likely wire her the money for a bus ticket to their home elsewhere in the country.

This is what constables see, day in and day out. The next day, another group of women with children are spotted. They tell the constables they crossed the Rio Grande without life jackets.

Broyles, with decades of experience, knows the drill by now.

"They take what money they have, sell whatever they have. They spend the money on a bus ticket and get as far North as they can, get into Mexico," he explained.

From there, they make the illegal trek into the United States.

As the summer rolls on, Broyles expects the illegal journey to get even more dangerous.

"We are going to have triple-digit heat on a regular basis. Mosquitoes will be thick along the riverbanks. You're not going to see anything good come out of it," he explained.

And in as soon as three weeks, National Guard troops will arrive along the border. Gov. Rick Perry said the troops will serve as a visual deterrent to those considering crossing the border illegally.

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