Conservative Talker's Rumored Move Sparks Vitriol

Glenn Beck looks to Westlake for new home

by Bruce Felps

Funny how words can serve as kindling.

Bud Kennedy yesterday wrote a Star-Telegram column about the probability of Glenn Beck moving into a Westlake mansion now that his Fox News gig is — is it over or soon to be over? Frankly, I don’t watch.

Anyway, Kennedy’s piece focused on Beck’s recent conversation with Gov. Rick Perry, and the former’s intimations of moving back to Texas. Kennedy also cited a recent lease transaction on a rather high-rent property in Westlake, and apparently the 2s started being put together. EDITOR'S UPDATE: Local real estate blogger Candy Evans honed in on the rumored location of where Beck may soon live. Read more here.

Whether Beck moves here or not is inconsequential to me. Not like I’d ever get a dinner invitation from the man. But about 100 Star-T readers seemed to take it personally.

The comments section associated with Kennedy’s column lit up like the sky will Monday night.

Name-calling, death-wishing, intolerance-spouting, race-baiting, Bible-thumping, hypocrisy-accusing, Scripture-citing, intelligence-questioning, topic-changing, point-missing, argument-bastardizing … and that’s just the pleasantries being exchanged.

Dude’s gonna live where he wants to live, and his address won’t change his points of view, strengthen or weaken them, nor make our state any smarter or stupider.

A lot of people already living here — natives and imports — already do those last two, particularly the latter.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He has never heard one word of Glenn Beck’s show.

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