Conservation Camp Has Students Thinking About How to Better the Future

John Bunker Sands Wetland Center hosted the first Environmental Sustainability Summit camp for students this week

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For one week, nine students from across North Texas spent the night at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center for a unique summer camp experience called the Environmental Sustainability Summit, learning about environmental conservation and sustainability.

"They don't realize that the environment is being harmed to a really great extent," 16-year-old camper Sushanth Elangovan from Frisco said. "I believe that the environment should be something people care about."

"Kids right now, people our age and younger generations, they are the voice of the next generation," 17-year-old Mehak Arora from Coppell said. "So what we do right now will ripple into our future years."

John Bunker Sands Wetland Center director John DeFillipo said education is a key component of what they do at the center.

"I see hope of we can do this, we can adapt," DeFillipo said remarking on the students. "Or 'I didn't know this was an opportunity for me to graduate high school or college and focus on that.'"

Both Elangovan and Arora said the camp inspired them to pursue careers to help the environment in the future.

The students' final projects at the end of the week were to present personal sustainability programs.

"You have to worry about your actions they have in the future," Elangovan said during his presentation. "I feel like if you have millions of people that do this, even though everyone does a small bit, it will all add up and benefit the entire society as a whole."

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