Donald Trump

Congressman Michael Burgess Reacts to Oil Executive's Nomination

Of all the Texans mentioned to become members of President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet, Rex Tillerson wasn't on the list.

Trump has tapped the Exxon-Mobil CEO as Secretary of State.

Exxon-Mobil is the largest oil company in the world. It operates in dozens of countries, including Russia, where Tillerson has met with Vladimir Putin.

That face-to-face encounter and eventual business deals negotiated in Russia, could make Tillerson's confirmation hearings heated.

"They will look into the life and character of Rex Tillerson and find that he's every bit the qualified individual that he's presented to be," said Republican Texas Congressman Michael Burgess.

Tillerson is a constituent in Burgess' North Texas Congressional District.

"He is the genuine article and people can tell that when they visit with him," Burgess said.

Tillerson is another Washington outsider. He has no government experience, but he's negotiated a number of foreign business deals.

"He has been all over the world," Burgess added. "Exxon is a far flung corporation, but one of the things that's impressed me the most with Mr. Tillerson is he's kept the company offices in the United States of America."

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