Confusing Lane Changes in North Texas

A recurring theme, again, was the striping on the roadway

North Texas drivers appear to be confused, particularly when it comes to determining which lane they are supposed to be in.

Last month, NBC DFW inquired about a lane shift along Texas 183 eastbound in Irving, part of the Midtown Express project which is widening 183 between D/FW International Airport and Dallas.

All four eastbound lanes suddenly shifted to the right as drivers approached an overpass for Valley View Lane, and video of traffic in that area showed drivers consistently failing to stay in their lanes.

When NBC DFW asked about that lane shift, SouthGate Constructors, the contractor that is doing the Midtown Express, immediately responded by extending the solid white line farther to the west in an effort to make it more clear for drivers exactly where they need to be.

Following that report, dozens of drivers reached out to indicate there are several other areas that consistently cause confusion.

A recurring theme, again, was the striping on the roadway – the paint that indicates the proper lane of travel.

One area of confusion that is not a construction zone is on the El Dorado overpass over U.S. 75 in McKinney. Where multiple lanes of travel cross through the intersection, including traffic exiting the highway and merging onto El Dorado, there is a series of broken white and yellow lines that can appear to be confusing when they all run together in the middle.

“That is the most ridiculous lane painting I have ever encountered in my entire life!” one viewer noted.

Several drivers wrote in that they were concerned about Interstate 820 in Fort Worth, both east and westbound, approaching Interstate 35W.

“Especially in the evening,” one driver wrote, “when the sun illuminates the older stripes as brightly as the new stripes.”

Another problem spot that multiple viewers wrote in about was Interstate 35E in Farmers Branch on the immediate north and south sides of the Interstate 635 interchange.

“Omg yes! 35 southbound in Farmers Branch,” one driver noted. “Horrible! The lines ran into each other and people nearly crashed.”

Finally an area along Texas 183, west of 360 – which is also part of the Midtown Express project – was a common cause for concern.

“We have the same problem here by 183/820/121 where the roads have been striped and re-striped and lanes have been moved,” a viewer noted. “It causes SO many near side-swiping incidents!!”

SouthGate Constructors wrote in a statement to NBC DFW that there are state standards that must be followed for striping.

"Lane designations can change many times in an area as part of ongoing construction,” a company spokesperson wrote. “The team puts down temporary stripe in these areas, continually monitors for wear and tear, and makes enhancements as necessary."

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