Computer Warranty Expires During Dispute Over Repair

Lillie Testa is a court reporter, she spends a lot of time working on documents on the go. 

She wanted a notebook computer to help stay organized.

She bought a Lenovo Ideapad in November of 2016. 

About 8 months later she says her computer started shutting itself off with no warning.

She called tech support and did troubleshooting over the phone. Then she says, Lenovo asked her to ship the computer to them for repair.

She got it back after a few week, but the computer kept shutting down on it's own.

She shipped it off again, there were more repairs but the problem remained.

When Lillie asked for help again she was told her warranty was up and they could no longer help her.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Lenovo. They wouldn't say why Lillie had so much trouble but they did send her a brand new replacement computer and thanked us for bringing the matter to their attention.

This isn't the first time NBC 5 Responds has heard from someone who said their warranty ran out while trying to resolve an issue.

In most cases, if you report a problem but the warranty expires, you're in the clear.  Look at a written copy of the warranty to be sure.

You have a right to see the warranty before you buy a product.

Don't expect a service tech to know about your rights. You may need to go up the corporate ladder to get satisfaction.

Also remember many credit card companies have protection built in which can help when the manufacturer won't.

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