Company Takes Family Heirloom Table, Doesn’t Return Owner’s Calls

My Furniture Experts took weeks to return a table to its owner -- and didn't complete any work on it

You’ve probably know someone who is an old soul.

Celeste Dancer is one of those people. She cherishes her family's possessions.

"I have been labeled the historian in my family. I have all the picture books, all the scrap books," Dancer said.

She recalled growing up in her grandma Jeanne's old farm house.

Grandma Jeanne taught Celeste how to write at her kitchen table. The two women were the only left-handed people in the family.

Celeste wanted the table to be the star of her large dining room in her new home in Fort Worth, so she looked to have it refinished.

"I wanted a professional to do it, someone I could trust to do it so I went online and did a search."

She said she found My Furniture Experts, who promised to pick up the table, refinish it and bring it back within two weeks for $520. There was no contract though.

"I checked about halfway through asked 'How's it going?' and got no response."

Celeste said eventually she got an answer saying they were behind, but would reach back out in a few days. She said days turned to weeks -- five weeks.

"It was actually my dad who said why don’t you call that NBC 5 guy," she said.

NBC 5 Responds reached the owner who told us he had the table and would get it back.

It happened the very next day.

"I come in this room and look out of the window and my stomach... I’m like...that's my table out on the curb," she recalled.

She was relieved and upset all over again.

"I'm telling you my stomach was in knots because I didn't know what condition it was in," Dancer said.

"It looks like it was trash on the curb, and somebody could have pulled up and put it on the back of their truck."

It was in pieces, the table top stripped, but it was all there and that's all Celeste really wanted.

We reached out to My Furniture Experts again to see why it took so long and why they just left the table on the curb. We called and emailed several times for more than a week and never heard back.

Celeste didn't have a contract outlining the company's responsibility. It's always something to look for when trusting someone with such an important item.

Celeste got her table refinished in her home by another company and ate her first family meal around the table.

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