Companies Help Wylie Homeowner After Paid Contractor Vanishes

When we first introduced you to Kim Shellem she showed us the damage throughout her Wylie home.

"It busted through the window and broke the blinds."

She's among hundreds of Wylie residents whose homes were damaged in a hail storm last year. She had broken windows, destroyed light fixtures and a roof in need of repairs.

Shellem hired a local contractor she thought she could trust paying him more than $20,000 to fix her home.

"Pretty soon it's going to be a year since the storm and my house is still looking like this," said Shellem.

Her attempts to get him to finish the job were unsuccessful.

"I'm so mad that you know, I trusted him to do this work."

Joe Bisacca saw her story on NBC 5 Today.

"Tuesday morning after a restless night, I just, I couldn't sleep," said Bisacca

He was compelled to do something to help.

"I said, hey I'd like for you to give Miss Shellem my contact information."

Days later, Bisacca assembled a team of local businesses to help. Champion Contractors & Services, Redi Carpet, Texas Sod & Landscape, All State Gutters, and C&C Glass Services all pitched in to fix the Wylie home for free.

Today, it's a far cry from what we saw a few weeks ago.

"As you can see there's been a lot of changes," said Shellem.

New windows, floors, a repaired roof — all free of charge.

"And a guardian angel that helped me with all this."

Proving to Shellem that there's plenty of good in North Texas.

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