Community Remembers 9/11 by Climbing Stairs of Fort Worth Office Building

Three days ahead of the 18th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, firefighters, police officers, veterans and other community members climbed the stairs of a Fort Worth office building 2 1/2 times to represent the walk to the top of the Twin Towers.

The event, called Climb for a Calling, took place at Burnett Plaza on Cherry Street.

"We promised we would never forget, so that's why we're here," said Susan Allen, director of Climb for a Calling. "We said we would be here, that we would remember and that we will honor them."

Dallas held its memorial climb Saturday at the Renaissance Tower on Interstate 35.

Other cities across North Texas will hold other events to remember 9/11 on on Sept. 11, which has since been designated Patriot Day.

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