Fort Worth

Community Rejoices After Return of Abducted Fort Worth Girl

A Fort Worth community can rest a little easier tonight. Neighbors gathered for a walk Sunday to show gratitude for a story with a happy ending.

"All the kids were just really worried because, you know, they're all from the same school," said Vanessa Enrriques, a Ryan Place resident and mother of school-aged children.

Worry to turned to relief for an entire neighborhood.

What could've been a long, somber walk for child still missing, was instead, a time of gratitude for a little girl that was found.

Salem Sabatka is back with her family.

Still, the thought of what could've happened is hard to shake.

"It's really hard as a father of a young girl to even let your mind go there as a dad," Danny Easterly said.

Tim Keith is president of the Ryan Place Improvement Association. He organized the walk.

"It absolutely pains me to come out before y'all tonight for the reasons that we're going to walk here in a minute to support Salem Sabatka," Keith said.

Fort Worth's police chief and mayor said it was because of the community that Sabatka was found.

"With everyone in this community, everyone in this city mobilizing the way they did, we made a difference yesterday evening. You all made a difference yesterday evening," Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said.

"All of you as neighbors came together and did so well. This is truly a time when prayers have been answered," Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said.

While they're relieved, they know the journey isn't over.

"Prayers are with them. Even though she was found, to recover is going to take some time," Debbie Speyer said.

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