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Community Comes Out to Sign ‘End Racism Now' Mural in Downtown Fort Worth

Dozens of people brought families and friends to help paint the positive message

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In large eye-catching black and white letters, the words "End Racism Now" are being painted in the heart of downtown Fort Worth.

On Saturday, the community came out to Main Street to leave their mark on the mural — a concept from artists Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby.

“Communities of color are really what built this community and made it as strong and wonderful to be apart of as it is,” said artist Joshua Goode of Richardson.

Goode and his wife, Ashley, brought their kids to the mural Saturday.

“We hope that this spurs great conversations in families and that some day we won’t have to do things like this anymore,” Ashley Goode said.

Community Advocate Jonathan Morrison said the piece is a creative way for people to sign their support. Space was left inside the outline of the words "end" and "now" for people to fill it with their signatures.

“I envision this as an affirmation of commitment," Morrison said. "Commitment to do the work to prove that Black lives matter. A commitment that we’ll have better voter turnout in Fort Worth."

The 800 block of Main Street is not just a canvas for art, but a place filled with significance.

“This is actually the site where Martin Luther King Jr. came here and spoke, and also, there’s a monument of JFK,” Morrison said.

He hopes the bold statement creates change long after the signatures fade away.

“This is a way of advocacy, without any violence, without any harm coming to anyone," Morrison said. "I feel like this is a strong way to send a message that we’re ready for change and that there will be change."

The paint is water-based, and while it’s temporary, the artists hope it’ll last up to a month.

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