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Fort Worth Mayor and Police Chief Unveil “Safe” Initiative

"Fort Worth Safe" focuses on a detailed strategy that focuses on safety, wellness and resiliency.

Neil Noakes
NBC 5 News

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker and Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noake unveiled a detailed strategic plan to confront the growing violence in the city on Monday.

"Fort Worth Safe" is a data-driven strategy that focuses on safety, wellness and resiliency. This initiative is due in part to the assistance of academia from TCU and Rutgers, Chief Noake said in a press conference Monday.

The data gathered from April 2021 to March of this year, showed that 23% of crime happened in police-reported areas. With deep-dive data results from TCU in the coming months, Fort Worth police are looking to drop crime by 10% in 12 months.

As part of its "Wellness" initiative, Chief Noake stressed the importance of cooperation with government officials, specifically Mayor Parker. Parker has championed police members and its initiatives in the past and hopes that the new "Fort Worth Safe" strategy will lower the city's crime rate.

As for "Resiliency," Fort Worth Police will help assist the needs of underserved communities and hone in on their needs, whether it be transportation or sourcing for food. Chief Noake plans to speak with non-profits and religious organizations to help with this initative.

Chief Noake also addressed the short staffing in the police department. He said with about 100 officers down, those who are on staff have taken the initiative to assist and that recruitment is encouraging thanks in part to the Be The Change initiative that encourages diverse applicants.

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