Collision Kills Three In Oak Cliff

At least three people are dead and two more injured after a wreck near a busy intersection in Oak Cliff.

It happened just after 2:00 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Jefferson Blvd. and Rosemont Avenue.

Dallas police said Jessica Barrientos was driving a white car over the speed limit. Officers said she lost control, hit the base of a light pole then hit a black BMW that was also traveling along Jefferson Blvd.

Barrientos was pronounced dead at the scene. Her boyfriend, 23-year-old Agustin Gatez Molina, and his mother, 66-year-old Maria Molina, were also in the car. They also passed away shortly after the crash. 

Relative Elias Molina, a grandson and nephew of the victims, told NBC5 Agustin Molina had his life together - a car, a job - and was "going places".

"This family, this family right here - we're one of a kind<" Molina said.

"Los Molinas - we keep our tears in, and we are going to bring them home."

He said funeral arrangements are underway this weekend.

Dallas police said the two people in the black BMW were injured. One has been treated and released. The other is in critical condition.

Noise of the crash caught the ear of people who live near the crash.

"It was really just the crash, it was pretty loud," said Oak Cliff resident Anna Beth Bonnie. "[I] was concerned someone had hit my garage, hit the pole instead."

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