Collin County

Collin County Mother's Death Ruled Accidental Drowning: ME

The Collin County Medical Examiner's Office has ruled the death of a Wylie mother as an accidental drowning.

42-year-old Almaz Gebremedhin's body was found Nov. 10 by a search and rescue team inside her van in a Wylie pond on McMillan Road. After an autopsy.

At the time, Wylie police said they determined her death was consistent with a traffic accident.

Gebremedhin was reported missing Oct 2 and wasn't found until her family hired a private investigator. The private investigator brought their own search and rescue team that used sonar to search all of the ponds in the area. 

Wylie police said they didn't check the pond because there was no evidence that she had left the road. Police are still investigating what caused her to leave the road.

Gebremedhin leaves behind her husband and two children.

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