Collin County Mom Survives Heart Attack While 32 Weeks Pregnant

A Collin County mom is sharing her story after suffering a heart attack during an otherwise healthy twin pregnancy.

"Thirty-years-old and never had any heart issues, I don't have any family history of heart issues, that hit me," said Krystle Evans.

Just shy of her 32nd week of pregnancy, Evans says she felt a tightness in her chest and shortness of breath.

"I honestly felt my twins were just in a place where they were sitting on my ribs and causing me to lose my breath," she said.

Evans rested and the symptoms subsided - until the next day.

"The same symptoms occurred, but it was worse. I got really nauseated, my whole left arm went numb and I was in a lot of pain," said Evans.

It was a Sunday and her husband insisted they call her doctor's office. The on-call doctor told Evans to go to the emergency room. There, Evans learned she suffered a heart attack.

"That was the first thing I asked, 'How does this affect my babies?'" Evans recalled.

Doctors believe the twin pregnancy was putting extra pressure on Evans' heart. The team of doctors at Medical City McKinney decided to keep Evans in the hospital under constant monitoring for two more weeks to allow the babies to develop to at least 34 weeks.

That's when the long-term complication risk to the babies reduces, explained OB/GYN Dr. Jerry Luciani.

Monday, Dr. Luciani delivered the babies via C-section. A girl, Shiloh, weighed five pounds and three ounces. A boy, Sage, weighed five pounds and one ounce.

The babies are in the NICU at Medical City McKinney to ensure they're gaining weight and remain healthy.

"Because God is just amazing, my babies were not even affected," said Evans.

"I think the big fear when people hear a story like this: every pregnant woman is going to think they're having a heart attack," said Dr. Luciani. "It's an extremely rare event, but you really need to pay attention to symptoms like chest pain and tightness and numbness in your arm."

Evans will follow up with a cardiologist, but doctors don't believe she suffered long-term damage to her heart.

"I just want to bring awareness to other moms that may be carrying twins. If you feel like your heart is rapidly beating, have those conversations with your doctor," said Evans. "Even if it sounds weird to you or you feel like it's nothing, have those conversations and make sure."

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