Collin County Lawns Go Green with Pigment

As people in Collin County deal with some of the toughest water restrictions in North Texas, some are taking new steps to keep their lawns from looking dead.

“It just looks really nice. It looks fresh and alive,” said Ted Johnston, of Allen. “It gets people’s attention.”

It’s the second year running that Johnston has used Green Up Services, a local company that primarily deals with golf courses.


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Owner Luke Jacobs manufactures his own product called ColorGuard.

It works a lot like a dye, adding green pigment back into the landscape.

Jacobs said it is all natural and completely friendly to the environment.

“Some folks will think, well, it’s cheating,” he said. “But others will think, well, this is an alternative to over-seeding.”

Jacobs said he developed the product partly as a way to save water and keep up appearances.

One visit costs $89 for the front yard, and, according to Johnston, lasts all winter.

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