Collin County Customers Getting Smart Meters

Oncor says meters offer opportunity for consumer savings

With many people still skeptical of the need for smart meters, Oncor Electric Delivery is continuing to educate North Texas about the technology.

Oncor rolled its Mobile Experience Center into Prosper on Tuesday and Wednesday to spread the word about the installation and use of smart-meter technology, which will eventually replace every Oncor meter.

"We're replacing 100-year-old technology with the latest and greatest," Oncor spokeswoman Megan Wright said.

She said the digital meters can lead to lower electric bills and fewer outages.

Customers with smart meters can track their electricity usage through an online account, which can help them narrow in on peak times of use and avoid wasting electricity, Wright said.

Nearby Collin County cities such as Plano and Allen are telling residents to expect a service visit.

Consumer education has become key for Oncor, which has experienced several hiccups and complaints about the new meters.

Many who toured the mobile exhibit on Tuesday said they had no problem with receiving a new meter, but others wondered why the mandatory upgrade is necessary.

"We don't really care for it, because we've heard of all the issues, and we haven't heard of any benefits yet," said Joel Senn, of McKinney.

He said he remembers hearing reports of customers complaining that the digital meters offered inaccurate readings.

Oncor says the smart meters are both an accurate and valuable tool for customers.

Residents of many cities in the northern part of the Metroplex can expect their meters to be changed throughout 2012.

Oncor said many of its "meter reader" employees have been offered other positions as their jobs are phased out.

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