Collin County Commissioner Proposes Blocking Immigrant Kids

A Collin County Commissioner proposes blocking the undocumented immigrant kids Dallas County Commissioners have agreed to welcome.

Around 2,000 undocumented children currently detained at the Texas border could be housed at three Dallas County locations.

Two unused schools and a Parkland Hospital warehouse are being reviewed by federal officials as possible temporary housing and immigrant processing facilities.

Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid said his neighbors are concerned about allowing the same thing.

“They’ve been saying we don’t want to bring these children into the county because we don’t know what’s going to happen if they’re here,” Reid said.

On Monday’s Collin County commissioners court agenda, Reid has placed an item that could block immigrant housing.

“My concern is the unintended consequences,” said Reid.

Reid said residents are concerned the immigrant could carry disease and wind up living permanently in Collin county at local taxpayers’ expense.

“To me it is tragic what these children go through, but the best place in my view for them is with their parents,” Reid said.

Steven Spainhouer, Communications Director for The Democratic Party of Collin County, said the children would receive medical screening before leaving South Texas detention locations and the federal government would pay all expenses.

“If we can provide places in Collin County and get reimbursed for doing so, I think it’s a win win solution for everybody,” Spainhouer said. “We should show compassionate relief.”

Dallas County supporters of housing the undocumented children in North Texas have said most will be deported or sent to live with relatives in the US.

Foster families could be sought for some of the children in locations around the nation.

Kaufman County Commissioner recently passed a measure similar to what Reid is proposing in Collin County.

So far, Reid is the only Collin County official taking a public stand on the issue.

Reid said Monday’s vote could be delayed because Collin County Judge Keith Self, the county’s top elected official, will be out of town and Reid wants Self to have a chance to vote on the issue.

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