Collin County Business Lets Buyers Boom

Collin County stand not only has fireworks, but also a safe place to shoot them off

In rural Collin County, Independence Day and buying fireworks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Nathan Bullard’s fireworks shop knows how to fill the county's fireworks need, plus more.

This July Fourth weekend, Bullard will have 21 acres of parking/shooting space available, food and refreshments, and more sales trailers.  Bullard decided to expand his fireworks shop this year to satisfy customers and make sure that they wouldn’t have to wait in long lines to get their Independence Day goodies.

Bullard’s is one of five fireworks stands in Collin County that offers legal space to ignite fireworks and in dry hot conditions; it may also be one of the safest.

“People have to remember that whenever you discharge fireworks, it’s actually a small explosive…that creates a fire”, says Collin County Fire Marshal Steve Deffibaugh.

Firefighters and Paramedics will be on site at Bullard’s for the Independance Day celebration, and with the holiday falling on a Saturday, authorities predict that it will be one very explosive weekend.

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