North Texas

Collin County Animal Sanctuary Crushed By Tree

Tropical Storm Bill is long gone but the impact of the storm is still being felt in North Texas, particularly at one Collin County animal sanctuary.

More than 50 dogs live at A Different Breed Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter that Dinesha Schmidt runs out of her home.

"This is 24/7, seven days a week," Schmidt said.

Schmidt is used to taking animals in, but now she's keeping a list of all the dogs she's had to send away this past week.

"I'm basically still in shock," she said.

After Tropical Depression Bill blew through last Wednesday, Schmidt said she heard a loud noise in a room where she keeps about a dozen dogs.

"I thought it was thunder. I really did," husband David Andrews said.

But when Schmidt and Andrews walked outside, they saw the entire corner of their house crushed by a tree.

"Looked up and I was like, 'Oh, my God,'" Andrews said.

The couple said they can't believe none of them were hurt.

It took volunteers four days to cut down the 60-foot oak tree that weighed an estimated 22,000 pounds.

Schmidt said at least a third of the home will have to be re-built before the rescue accepts anymore dogs. Until then, she plans to work with the space she has left.

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