Colleyville police

Colleyville Police Shoot Man Repeatedly Stabbing Himself

Colleyville police said they stunned and shot a 32-year-old man who was repeatedly stabbing himself at a home Friday morning.

Officials said police received a 911 call from the man's mother, who said he was trying to kill himself with a large knife. Officers responded to a home on the 7600 block of Leesburg Drive and found the man stabbing himself.

Police said they first used a stun gun and then shot the man to try to stop him, but he continued to stab at his vital organs and throat.

They used the stun gun a second time and were able to subdue him.

The man was taken by CareFlite to John Peter Smith Hospital at about 8 a.m. in critical condition, authorities said. HIs current condition is not known.

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