Colleyville Man Explains How He Kept Donkeys Safe During Winter Storm

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For people who own animals that they can't bring indoors, this week proved to be trying in North Texas. But one Colleyville man says he couldn't imagine not taking care of his donkeys.

“Nicholas is the white one and he was born on Christmas Day which is why he is Nicholas. And Little Fella here was born... there’s about nine months difference in their ages.”

Dan Walker’s been busy taking care of his beloved donkeys during this trying week of record-low temperatures in North Texas.

“People say these donkeys can withstand any of this cold weather but I, not just now, every winter I have a heat lamp on them," Walker said. "They’ve had their heat lamp. It doesn’t put out a whole lot but enough to get by.”

Viewers heard NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist Rick Mitchell say all week long if you have pets, bring them indoors. While most dogs and cats come to mind for most, Walker's different. He has Little Fella and Nicholas.

Dan smiled at the thought and said, “Nah...I mean, I’ve about thought it...we can’t get them in the house."

Walker does the next best thing. He provides shelter and food on his two acres of land in Colleyville. He stays on the top of the 13-year-old donkeys' care.

“I do it. I get out here. I actually live about a mile from here. I come over in the mornings and feed them, check the water. Make sure everything is fine. Then I come about 3 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon and feed them again. That may be overdoing it, but I think they need it during this cold weather.”

Walker even had a way to keep the donkeys' water from freezing.

“I have an extension cord running from the shop here into the trough here. That keeps it, it’s specially made... keeps the water thawed.”

For many non-traditional pet owners, this week has been a challenge in the Dallas-Fort Worth.

”I always think people buy rabbits at Easter and things. It’s a shame because they don’t take care of them. They think it’s going to be easy," Walker said. "Well I don’t think a lot of people want to come out here when it’s 1 below and feed the donkeys in the morning but you got to take care of them. I wouldn’t have one if you didn’t take care of them. Ain’t that right Little Fella?”

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