Colleyville Households, Military Families to Receive Gift Cards From the City

The gift card program began at the start of the pandemic

The city of Colleyville mailed a $35 gift card to each Colleyville household as part of an ongoing gift card program to encourage residents to shop at local businesses, the city said in a press release Thursday.

Due to Independence Day, Colleyville military families also received a $50 gift card as part of the program, which began in 2018 with the construction of State Highway 26 and continued through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colleyville Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery told the Dallas Morning News's Mary Grace Granados in November 2020 that the city had sent out gift cards, redeemable at any Colleyville business, to residents three times in 2020.

In 2018, the city began the gift card program due to the disruptive construction on State Highway 26, sending out a $10 gift card to residents.

The program was restarted at the beginning of the pandemic, and the city said it conducted a survey of Colleyville businesses which said the businesses were in favor of programs such as the gift cards.

In addition to the gift card given to military families, the city also said in the Thursday press release that it is putting together care packages to send to currently serving military members of the community.

Each household should have received its gift card, the city said, and the card must be used by July 31.

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