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Colin Kaepernick, Snoop Dogg to Donate $35,000 to Dallas Organization

A Dallas-based organization is due to become the next recipient of free-agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's charitable giving, along with help from a legendary rapper.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback announced Monday that he and rapper Snoop Dogg are donating $35,000 to Mothers Against Police Brutality.

In a tweet, Kaepernick said his foundation would give $10,000 to help communities continue to fight for justice, and Snoop matched the pledge. Then Snoop threw in another $15,000.

The founders of Mothers Against Police Brutality said they will use the money to expand their mission of changing police departments' policies on deadly force.

Kaepernick made a pledge to donate $1 million plus proceeds from his jersey sales to different organizations across the country.

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