Cold Case 2016: Police Say Innocent Bystander Murdered Outside Bar, Family Wants Closure

It's been more than a year since a Dallas mother was fatally shot. Police say Ashley Wilson was an innocent bystander when someone opened fire outside an Oak Cliff bar, killing her.

The lead detective classifies the case as stalled because no one is coming forward.

It happened outside the then Patio Bar on Sunset Avenue, and Wilson's family hopes newly released surveillance video help catch her killer.

Jacquelyn Poe says, even at 29 years-old, Wilson was still her baby. But the tragic events of Jan. 23, 2016, have left Poe with only photographs to quietly reflect upon.

"I love you so much. I miss you, we all do," Poe said, as she spoke to her daughter's photo.

One picture in particular is the one Wilson's daughter, Brandoniyah, keeps on her dresser. It's the picture with the vibrant smile and impeccable fashion. Brandoniyah was 11 years old when her mother was murdered.

"She was over at her father's. I had to go and get her, and I got in the back seat of the car with her and I said, 'Niyah,' I said, 'Your mamma,'" Poe recalled of the night she had to explain to her granddaughter that her mother had been murdered.

It was a sentence and reality neither could truly comprehend.

That night stared out like any Friday night on the town, and Wilson was enjoying an evening with a friend at the Patio Bar. Police say a fight between two men prompted Wilson and her friend to leave, and the two were in the parking lot when the unthinkable happened.

Dallas police Detective Michael Yeric was one of the first homicide detectives on the case. He met NBC 5 in the very spot where it happened and retraced how it was documented and the evidence that was collected.

"You have two cameras here. One is catching the parking lot. the other is catching the street," Yeric said of the surveillance cameras outside the bar.

Now, 15 months later NBC 5 has obtained surveillance video that might help crack the case.

"The suspect comes and pulls in like this, third or fourth spot from the end. It's a very distinctive car. It's a teal green '94 or '95 Impala SS with big chrome rims on it," Yeric said.

He says the man behind the wheel of that teal Impala is the one who got kicked out of the bar for starting a fight with another man, and the one Yeric says is seen on video firing randomly into the crowd, killing Wilson.

In the video patrons are seen rushing to Wilson's aid, and Yeric says there were several witnesses to the crime.

"We have repeatedly received tips, Crime Stoppers tips whatnot, 'This is the guy you're looking for.' Unfortunately I can't get anyone to say they saw him here being the one shooting," Yeric said.

Yeric says it's frustrating to have the video evidence but not enough to make an arrest.

"The whole idea of the 'no snitching, don't talk to the police,' we've got to move past that, because without the public's help we really can't do our job," Yeric said. "I'm the one that goes and tells the mother the reason you haven't talked to your daughter in a day is because she was killed. I have to break that news to them."

That news is gut-wrenching for families like Ashley Wilson's, who are pleading for answers and remain hopeful for the truth.

"I'm hoping we find the person that did this to you sweetie, I hope they get 'em," Poe said to her daughter's photo.

Anyone who might recognize the vehicle in the surveillance video or knows the driver is asked to come forward. Police say a reward is being offered. The Patio Bar, meanwhile, never reopened after Wilson's murder.

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