Coin Shop Owner Opens New Shop Three Years After Burglar Wipes Him Out

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Three years ago, Christian Lyche was at the beginning of his career and also rock bottom.

He’d recently opened shop in Corinth, turning a passion for collecting coins into a thriving business.

"I loved coins long before I bought and sold them, I collected them, traded them,” said Lyche.

But in the early hours of April 7, 2019, a burglar broke in with a crowbar.

Surveillance video shows the man make a beeline for the back office where he collected $75,000 worth of Lyche’s most valuable merchandise in four minutes flat.

"It took about 75% of our inventory and then top that with the loss of funds that were put on hold and loss of our credit line, it pretty much wiped us out completely,” said Lyche.

Though Lyche says the man responsible’ s now serving jail time, there was no recovery or restitution for the young entrepreneur.

Within a couple of months, he was forced to close the store and begin the daunting task of rebuilding a collection years in the making.

"I've never really been a quitter but that tested me quite a bit,” said Lyche.

With help from others in the coin community, he managed to set up shop online within a few months of closing the doors in Corinth.

And just this weekend, nearly three years after tragedy struck, he opened the doors of a new store, Dallas Gold and Gun, which he said is bigger and better than before.

"It's been great. We've had a rush before the holidays. A lot of people who come in here are just so passionate about what they buy,” said Lyche.

It’s one of the things he’s always loved about the coin community, the thing that kept him fighting to make a return.

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