Cogill Reviews the Film ‘Arrival'

"Arrival' is the best film I have seen so far this year.

A stunning, meaningful film about the power of language.

"Arrival" begins with what appears to be an alien invasion as a dozen enormous "not of this earth" objects park themselves mid-air around the world, including one in Montana.

Texas Oscar-winner Forrest Whitaker runs the military operation and his team includes a mathematician played by Jeremy Renner and a linguist played by Amy Adams.

Their difficult job includes going up inside the pod to try and communicate.

It is filled with both fear and wonder as the linguist works to establish a rapport with another form of life.

This is also a smart, human story told through the eyes of a woman with her own struggles, her own past.

She also understands the composure and courage it takes to do her job even when the world appears to be in crisis.

The film is directed with emotional intelligence by Canadian film-maker, Denis Villeneuve, he directed "Sicario" and "Prisoners."

His latest is based on the novella, "Story of Your Life," and feels much more real than than most Sci-Fi films.

The power of language and patience is on full display.

"Arrival' is rated an intense PG-13 and features an Oscar level performance by Amy Adams.

Movies rarely reach this level of sophistication. Your heart will pound, your brain will thank you, and when all is said and done, what we say to each other does have meaning.

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