Code Inspectors Shut Down “Fire Trap” Hotel

Mesquite inspectors are closing a motel that houses 104 people over fire and other safety concerns.

Inspectors said the Classic Inn Hotel on Highway 80 has more than 360 code violations this year and must close by Friday. The motel had 61 violations last year.

Mesquite is most concerned about fire hazards at the Classic Inn, city spokesman Greg Sowell said.

Fire marshals said 77 of the rooms have electrical problems.

"You have open wires near gas lines there," he said. "It doesn't take much."

Other units have mold, and the guardrails on the second story are broken.

"They've been really endeavoring to make this place livable," resident Mike Gilmore said.

He said management has made repairs to the room he calls home.

"I get a little over $900 a month," he said. "It takes $600 a month for this room."

Gilmore said he doesn't know what he will do after the hotel's closure.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," he said. "I may just end up eating all my medication at once and going to sleep."

When asked if he really felt that desperate, Gilmore said, "I have nothing else. I have absolutely nothing else."

Classic Inn representatives said they are continuing to appeal to the city for more time to make repairs.

"If there is things that need to be fixed, we'll fix them," employee Jamie Cunigan said. "Just give us time to get out."

Mesquite said it will have representatives at the motel Friday at 3 p.m. to ensure everyone is out of the facility. The city will also bring workers from Social Services to assist anyone with special needs who needs help with the move.

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